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Once Upon A Time.......

There lived a small family. A single Elf maiden met them by chance. She came to deeply love this little family, and they loved her! Soon, the little family grew, and more Elves joined them.
Their little home was filled with love, but sadly, became too small. After much searching, the little Elves and the family moved to a farm. Oh, the joy! Now the band of Elves had room to run and play, as all elves love to do!
It is here that the little band of Elves decided to stay, and make it their own.
That is why, in this day and age, you can still find those mischevious little wonders.......IF you know where to look!




Come in and look around! This is a new site, but I will try to bring you a lot of excitement!
Roxanne N. Reals
N8967 Reals Lane
Waterloo, WI  53594
(920) 478-3108
e-mail:  elvenpoms@hotmail.com                              

Fairy Wings

Because we choose to breed, we also choose to rescue, so as our pages become available, we will be including a page of Elves of all varieties, along with contact numbers. Please consider a rescue and call these wonderful people directly!
Thank you!


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